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I feel like I’m finally making my way on the path towards finding my real self. It hasn’t been an easy ride though, and still I am struggling with so many obstacles and things I just don’t understand. I have found peace. I have found that state of mind and all that makes me calm and totally in touch with myself. I have unlocked my true happiness. I have discovered those things in life which mean the most to me. It’s an unreal feeling. Although, having found this I’m still not yet 100% in this state, as I have things I don’t believe in standing in my way. For now. But knowing what I have found makes it that little bit easier to rise above all that I feel is wrong in my life.


Kristen Stewart’s hair, Miley’s boobs, Lana Del Rey’s voice, Katy Perry’s makeup, Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s face and Miranda Kerr and Megan Fox in general.


Chur Rachael